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Synk X

Cross-platform Immersive Haptic Chair
Presenting an amplified immersion with a streamlined exterior and delicate craftsmanship, Synk X not only creates a new way of engaging in the imaginary world but also perfectly blends lifelike entertainment into a modern tech lifestyle.

By converting sound waves into vibrations, Synk X provides real-time tactile experiences for true to life, immersive entertainment. Synk X also supports to fulfill different needs with its cross-platform compatibility as well as options for customization settings. The ergonomic design allows for multiple adjustments of seat height, seating position, and reclining angle based on user’s choice while a control interface is built-in for selecting audio sources, vibration levels, and headphone volume without any complicated settings or APP requirements.

Providing real-time tactile experiences with customized comfort, cross-platform support, and high mobility with a built-in battery, Synk X makes immersive entertainment possible for any kind, anytime, and anywhere.

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Lifelike Immersion
The ultra-low latency of converting sound waves into vibrations to provide real-time tactile experience for engaging in the virtual surrounding and atmosphere.
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Constraint-free Entertainment
Support for a variety of content types and hardware platforms such as TV, PC, game console, and mobile to match differing hobbies or preferences.
Customized Preference
An adjustable ergonomic recliner design as well as multiple modes of user preferences provide a more personalized entertainment experience.
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User-friendly Experience
All-in-one system design to avoid hassles due to installation and complicated setting requirements.
Durable and Smooth Operation
A highly stable rolling base along with a long-lasting powerful battery to provide uninterrupted extended entertainment durations.
Modern and Tech Identity
A streamlined exterior design delivers a smart tech appearance to add modern delicacy to people’s daily life.
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Solid Frame and Structure

Built strong with a well-constructed frame and support to withstand long hours of vibration operations.


Premium Seat Materials

Using select breathable fabric to offer high quality texture and advanced comfort.

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Handy Switch and Control

Quickly adjust the seat and other settings to fit personal preferences with the built-in control interface and 4D armrests on both sides of the chair.

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Two-stage Retractable Leg Rest

Providing options for advanced comfort and different postures to satisfy individual needs.

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Cooler Master Halo Illumination

Creating an elegant and high-tech atmosphere with 7 modes of ARGB lighting effects to match user preferences.

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Stable Battery

Compliant with stringent regulations and battery protection to ensure user safety.

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