Where Luxury Meets Technology

A Fully Immersive Multi-Purpose Semi-Enclosed Station for Gamers and Professionals

Fulfilling diversified needs for work, entertainment, and gaming use while taking immersive experience to the next level with futuristic design, craftsmanship and seamless hardware and software integration.

ORB X aims to enhance user’s experience by various approaches: a sleek, semi-enclosed cockpit with a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for superior privacy, support for up to three 27” monitors for immersive or multiple views, built-in surround sound speakers for a realistic soundstage without headphones, and a newly designed ergonomic recliner for customized comfort. Integrating different technologies and features, ORB X enables users to embark on their immersive journey while staying productive and competitive for the long haul.

With a mission to perfect and enhance the user’s immersive experience, ORB X elevates the visual, audio, and comfort experiences for gamers and professionals.

Enhanced Privacy

Semi enclosed design to keep away distractions and enables an uninterrupted privacy mode with the automated shuttle dome enclosure which can be engaged at the press of a button.


Immersive Viewing Experience

Support for one 34” monitor or up to three 27” monitors to keep games immersive and work productive.

Dynamic Soundstage

Immersive 2.1 surround sound speakers to create true surround sound and an amazing spatial audio experience.


Customized Comfort

An ergonomic recliner with adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and seating positions provide advanced customized comfort even during long marathon sessions.

Sleek and Futuristic Appearance

Hidden compartment for PCs and consoles enable tidy organization and efficient use of designed space to maximize the stylish appeal in Arctic White or Universe Black.


A Cool Factor to Show Personality

ARGB illumination surrounds the user with a wide variety of color arrangements to match the atmosphere or mood.


Remote Control

Effortless ORB X customization to suit the user’s profile for ergonomics, audio and color options with just the press of a button.


Extra Large Desk Space

Comprehensively fulfilling all user needs such as wireless phone charging, connecting the laptop to a large monitor, and still have more than sufficient room for a keyboard and mouse or tablet.


Mouse Space & Accuracy

Ensuring optimal mouse to surface glide performance with a full desktop coverage micro-woven cloth mousepad.


Mobile Friendly

Easily charge a mobile phone or other wireless devices without needing to worry about cables or cluttering up the desk.


Instant Connectivity & Control

Quickly connect personal gear and switch the adaptive audio modes at hand with the available USB ports and control panel.