Cosmos Infinity

 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

CMODX Modder section / Image / 1240x500


CoolerMaster’s most versatile case best represent our 30 years of engineering and is the case for our 30th Anniversary collection, make it yours with this limited case.

Highly-trained local professionals assemble our systems using top quality components. We are all about performance and design, zero compromise.


Designed to impress, the Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary system will deliver rock solid performance. With up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080ti, you'll be ready to enjoy 4k AAA gaming guaranteeing you the most realistic and immersive experience ever.
Frame 649

Made for You

The Cosmos Infinity was designed with every scenario in mind whether you are a gamer, a creator or both.
Productivity Monster. The Cosmos Infinity offers incredible performance with up to X cores and enables you do what you do best without loosing focus. Everything just works.
Gaming Beast. With its top of the line specs, the Cosmos Infinity offers an incredible gaming experience and will breathe through even the most demanding game titles.

Build / Chassis

A Cooler Master Classic with a twist. ​A fully remastered limited edition Cosmos Infinity rebuilt with premium materials and a unique Chameleon color scheme matching Cooler Master’s iconic colors to celebrate its 30th Anniversary.

The case comes with a limited-edition number badge, a fully redesigned motherboard tray and Aluminum Armour to celebrate our birthday in style. Chameleon color scheme matching Cooler Master’s signature colors.The custom Aluminum Armour case comes with a limited-edition number badge and a fully redesigned motherboard tray to celebrate our 30th anniversary in style.
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Chameleon handles

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Synchronized ARGB

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Unique aluminum motherboard tray

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1000 pieces limited edition

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30th Anniversary mobius fans

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30th Anniversary commemorative plaque

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30th Anniversary PSU

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30th Anniversary AIO