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The home base for community-inspired projects with focus on PC customization and collaborations.  CMODX is a curated list of the best high-end, unique and award-winning mods, systems and co-developed projects between passionate enthusiasts and Cooler Master.  Our goal is to redefine the new standard of PC personalization and bridging the gap between the world’s most visionary modders, enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Our Vision

A Modding Legacy

A decade ago Cooler Master started the Case Mod World Series to bring together a community of PC enthusiasts and creative Modders. Since then, we have continuously worked with this very community to push the limits of PC design and innovation through a host of activities.

Right from the first ever Case Mod World Series, we have always valued the creativity of our modding community and have continued our mission of bringing this spirit into our product innovation.

The CMODX platform is the ultimate thank you to our community and exists to empower existing and future generations of Modders to finance their passion beyond mere competitions whilst pushing the limits of PC Modding even further.

This is our legacy.

Where it all started

back in 2009

One of the pioneers of Case Modding Contest, Cooler Master started the first ever Case Mod World Series back in 2009, which saw some of the biggest players now in the modding scene competing for the first time on a global stage.  A community of dedicated and passionate modders across the globe was born.

the ever-growing

CMWS community

Ever since 2009, Cooler Master continutes to support and develop the ever-growing modding community and pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.  Every year, Case Mod World Series brings together modding legends and newcomers alike to create some of most awe-inspiring innovations and  designs the industry has ever seen.

Peter Brands L3p D3sk

Winner of 2011

“It was my first real casemod and I did not expect it to reach such great heights. When I published the final photos for the Cooler Master contest it took my complete hosting company down for a day and my website for weeks!”

The legendary 'L3p D3sk' mods by Peter Brands blew up on the internet after he posted the final photos on Cooler Master’s forum to complete his entry for Case Mod World Series back in 2011.  Being Peter’s first real case mod project, this then spiraled into a internet sensation gaining recognition worldwide from media and the PC and Gaming community.

The launch of

Make it Yours

As part of a drive to capture the maker spirit earlier this year, Cooler Master invited a team of renowned PC industry veterans, including Richard Surroz from the US, Peter Brands and Richard Kier of the Netherlands, Mathieu Heredia of France, and Ronnie Hara of Brazil to Taipei for a week-long workshop on the future of case technology.

The result was the development of a concept case, the MasterConcept, that combines cutting edge product design with feedback from some of the world’s leading modders and super users. As such, the MasterConcept is the ultimate makers’ case; its super flexible interior and exterior modularity allows anyone to create a PC that is uniquely theirs in form and function.

Make of It What You Will


The new wave of case technology pioneered by our MasterCase series crests with the unique FreeForm Modular System, which allows the freedom to swap and customize the case’s form and functionality with multiple interior and exterior outlooks.  Maker products inspire our fans to embrace their maker spirit. Introducing accessories from a variety of passionate makers from Irie Ahmad of Mod ‘n’ Go Design from Malaysia, Bill Owen of MNPCTech, Brian Farrell of PrimoChill and Ron Lee Christianson, a freelance air-brush artist.

Case Mod World Series

10th Year Anniversary

Celebrating a decade of dedication to the modding community, Cooler Master ran its 10th Case Mod World Series in 2019 with the biggest cash prize in history with a total prize pool worth $24,000 USD.  The contest has grown and evolved alongside the modding community for the past decade and brought the most creative individuals from all corners of the world in helping to shape the future of PC design. 

AKMod from Taiwan won 1st Place Tower with Minimalistic.

The Mod Exchange

CMODX.com Launches

A decade on, Cooler Master introduces CMODX to bring the community together and collaborate on a whole new level.  Inspired by our modders and co-developed into one-of-a-kind products, this is the place to find unique, creative and exclusive mods, systems and custom accessories.

CMODX is a curated list of the best high-end, unique and award winning mods, systems and co-developed projects between passionate enthusiasts and Cooler Master.