Synk X - Cross-platform Immersive Haptic Chair

Presenting an amplified immersion for lifelike entertainment experience, Cooler Master Synk X does not simply immerses, but engages users in the virtual surrounding and atmosphere like never before.

By converting sound waves into vibrations, Synk X provides real-time tactile experiences for true to life, immersive entertainment. Synk X supports a variety of content types and hardware platforms such as TV, PC, game console, and mobile device to match differing hobbies or styles.
The ergonomic design with multiple adjustments as well as the control interface allow users to make adjustments including the reclining angle and vibration level for a personalized experience. Coming with a built-in long-lasting powerful battery Synk X can set users free from the hassles of keeping the chair plugged-in during operation, providing uninterrupted extended entertainment durations.

Get immersed and engaged in the imaginary world for an ultimate immersive entertainment experience like never before while showing your modern tech lifestyle.


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