Project Realgar is a mod designed after a naturalistic look, with a stone effect paint job and real crystals. All the custom work is handmade including the motherboard tray, together with some details on the case, were made using epoxy resin. The cable management area extends all across the top, front and bottom hidden sections. It features a semi-open-air design, in fact, the air enters from the three fans at the back and exits from cutouts on the side panels towards the front (a fully open-air configuration is possible by leaving the side panels off). Motherboard mounting is standard ATX while the mounting for the graphics card is custom made and might have to be adapted to other cards.

Key Features
  • Epoxy resin panels
  • Real crystals details
  • Custom loop with a predisposition for water-cooled GPU
  • Semi open-air design with three intake fans
  • All handmade cutouts and patterns
  • Location: Italy
  • Domestic shipping only
  • Courier or self-collection

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