ELV8 Universal Graphic Card Holder


Protect your graphics card from bending or sagging over time. Reduce stress or even damage on your motherboard from the weight of the graphics card. ELV8 locks onto an expansion slot of any case to give your graphics card added weight support by lifting it from underneath.

Key Features
  • Protect the GPU
  • Universal GPU support
  • Protect the motherboard
  • Co-designed with Tantric Mods
  • RGB ready

Functional Detailing

ELV8 is an RGB ready universal graphic's card holder that adds support for overweight graphic cards and prevents potential damage to your motherboard.



 ELV8 can cater for any graphic card with a range of horizontal and vertical adjustments.



Integrates seamlessly with any  standard case to deliver a clean and beautiful solution to overweight graphic cards.

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