Presenting the LANpak: the fastest gaming PC available that can still be carried into events like a backpack. Using carbon fiber in the construction keeps the weight of this build superlight, offsetting the weight and power behind the RTX 2080Ti. For easy access, the reservoir is stored behind a panel at the bottom of the pack, allowing for simple top-ups or colour changes to the coolant.

  • Carbon fiber shell
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Backpack design makes it easy to carry into events
  • Basement storage compartment for carrying cables and peripherals
  • Fully water-cooled
  • Location: USA
  • Domestic shipping only
  • Courier or self-collection

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Carbon Fiber Shell

 A custom-built carbon fiber shell makes LANpak extremely lightweight and durable.  The perfect material for encasing LANpak's powerful core.


Insolent Gnome

On the modding scene since 2015, Insolent Gnome has made his mark on several modding championships finishing on top positions with Mods that explore new materials and ideas.

Portable Power

Packing an RTX2080Ti, LANpak is the lightest and most powerful PC you can literally carry into any battle. Using actual backpack components to form the base of this mod with the ultra light carbon fibre chassi made it simple to execute this sleek, carryable design.

Convenient Cooling

LanPak is liquid-cooled and features an easily accessible reservoir at the back which makes it convenient for refilling or changing the colour of the coolant. The LanPak also features a compartment for storage of peripherals and cables, allowing you to bring almost a whole setup for LAN parties in one simple backpack, just carry your monitor! Soft tubing has also been used for the watercooling custom loop to ensure that careful carrying would not cause a failure like it could on a hard-tubed structure.

Technical Specifications

CPU Intel Core i5 9600K
Motherboard Asrock Z390M
Cooler EK Fluid Gaming
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz RAM
Storage Corsair MP510 480GB NVMe drive
Case Custom w\ Cooler Master RGB Contoller
PSU Silverstone SST SX600 600w PSU

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