Inspired by Case Mod World Series' 10th anniversary, 24K commemorates this special event in an exclusive Gold finish. Those who know my work, are familiar with my literal execution of themes, hitting them right in the heart. 24K is no exception, looking perfect in its 24k Gold finish from front to back without overpowering the build itself.

A combination of golden water blocks and fittings, golden powder coated internal structures and a polished 15th-century architecture inspired gold wrapping on the glass doors, make 24K a truly exclusive and original mod.

  • Gold powder coating
  • Polished Gold wrapping
  • Real gold-coated GPU block
  • Custom-designed front panel with optimized airflow


  • Location: Belgium
  • Domestic shipping only
  • Courier or self-collection

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24K Magic

A polished 15th-century architecture inspired gold wrapping on the glass doors, makes 24K a truly exclusive and original mod.



An early pioneer in the modding scene, MP-Customized Mods are passion-fuelled art works that combine creative materials and innovative tech to expand the boundaries of custom PCs.

Liquid Gold

The GPU block on the RTX 2080 is coated in real gold and is probably the only one in the world! Paired with the elegant design of the rest of the build, the real gold RTX 2080 elevates this mod into a class of its own. In addition, the precise machining of the design means this build truly is unique and extremely hard to replicate. A collector’s item for certain!

Imperial Design

The internal structure design mirrors the look of the wrapping and is made from laser-cut aluminium and finished with a matt golden powder coating. The front is designed to optimize airflow and decorated with 3D printed details.



Intel I9-9900K


ASUS ROG Maximus Rampage VI


ASUS ROG STRIX 2080 Gaming 8GB (Watercooled)


Full custom watercooling by Bitspower and Watercool


Gskill 32GB 3400MHz Royal Z


2* 512GB M.2 SSD Patriot Viper Gaming VPN100


Custom Cooler Master C700M

PSU ASUS Thor 1200Watt incl custom Cablemod Cables

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